Last Man Standing

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Game Rules:
  • Players must select one team to win in each complete round of Premier League fixtures. Once a team has been selected by the player, they cannot select that team again. This applies unless 20 rounds have been successfully completed by two or more players, in which case all teams become available again.
  • The player's selection must be submitted by email or via the Telegram group at least two hours before the scheduled kick-off time of the first fixture of that round. Players will receive an email/Telegram reminder before that game round but, ultimately, it is their responsibility to ensure a team is selected.
  • ​Once a selection is made, no changes are permitted (unless the selection is an invalid one and is replaced prior to the deadline).
  • ​Any selections submitted after the deadline will not count. In this scenario, or in the scenario of a) a  player not submitting a selection, b) submitting a team they have previously selected or c) selecting a team whose match is postponed, the player will automatically be assigned the first team that they have not already selected in alphabetical order. If that team wins, the player will not be permitted to select them again.
  • ​If only one match is postponed in a fixture round, the game will proceed with substitutions as per the previous rule. If two or more matches are postponed, that round will be declared null and void.
  • ​If a player selects a team that fails to win, they are out of the competition. If a player selects a valid team that does win, they progress to the next round.
  • ​If the game has not reached a conclusion by the end of the current season, the Last Man Standing 'pot' will be equally split between all remaining players.
  • ​If the game results in one player remaining, that player will win the 'pot'. If the game results in two or more players being eliminated in the final round with no players remaining there will be a 'rollover'.
  • ​The entry fee is non-refundable.
  • ​In the case of any disputes, the game organiser's decision is final.
Prize & Rollover Rules:
  • At a minimum, the winning 'pot' will comprise 85% of all entry fees. The remaining 15% goes to the organiser and covers the cost of running the game on a non-profit making basis.
  • At their sole discretion, the organiser may add bonus 'mystery prizes' to the pot. These can be announced either before or after entry deadline and could include, but are not limited to, tickets to sporting events, free subscriptions to tipping services and additional money added to the pot.
  • ​The final pot, including any mystery prizes, will be announced to all players once the entry deadline has passed and before the first round commences.
  • In the event of a rollover, the entire pot will move forward to the next Last Man Standing game. The final players to be eliminated in the first game will receive free entry to the second game. All other entry fees for the second game (minus 15%) will go towards the rollover pot.
  • ​Games will continue to rollover until there is a solitary winner.
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